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[13 Mar 2023|01:10pm]


Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere. )

[01 Jul 2014|08:09am]
Apparently sometimes it is the most obvious suspect. Remind me again what the DMLE have been doing for the last year?

[19 May 2014|06:14pm]
Reading the Daily Prophet article about Radford's (in)competence over breakfast made for an enjoyable start to my day, but I'm not sure why they're only just questioning his suitability for the task now. He should have been replaced months ago.

Penny #4 [21 Apr 2014|10:00am]
My sister is a heroine!

[11 Mar 2014|06:09pm]
It's so nice to finally have the house to ourselves again! You know what they say about guests and fish.

[28 Jan 2014|05:57pm]
[Private to Sasha and Jennie]

Penny invited Alex to stay with us while he looks for a new place to live. He's being disturbingly helpful and it's creepy.

Should I overrule Penny and change the Wards while he's out, or take advantage of this for as long as I can? A girl could get used to being brought breakfast in bed...

[Private to Wayne]

You're very camera-shy, aren't you?

[26 Jan 2014|01:00pm]
[Private to Alex]

No no no no no. I want your things out of my house by the end of the day or I'm tossing them out of the window and setting fire to them. Understood?

[21 Dec 2013|06:16pm]
People are strange. I'm pretty sure all the adults in this room are capable of having a rational conversation but instead they seem more interested in pulling faces and making silly noises at an infant than talking to me about my recent success. I only have a starring role in the most popular Wireless drama right now and Witch Weekly keep writing articles about how I'm "one to watch" but apparently that pales next to Poppy grasping someone's finger when they put it in her hand. Who cares?

I didn't know I even had this many relatives. I suspect a lot of them are Weasley cousins who've crawled out of the woodwork.

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